CMP713 Data Mining

2021F Assignment 1 - due 10 November 2021

Question 1

Write a function that takes a single argument, a data frame, and outputs the following on the console:

Your output should be clean and clear. This means it should not contain more than what is sufficient and less than what is necessary. For example:

Number of rows: 114 Number of columns: 14 Numeric columns: X1, X4, X6 Character columns: X2, X3 ... Columns with NAs: X1(4), X5(12), X8(1) ... Categorical column levels: X5[6] - red(32), green(23), blue(18) X7[8] - tall(74), short(40) ... Correlation of X1 and X4: 0.56748 Correlation of X1 and X5: -0.86834 ...

The above output is not complete and given as an example. Your output may look different but must match the above example in conciseness. You should prepare the function in an R script and submit it on this webpage.