Lale Özkahya

I am currently a faculty member of the Department of Computer Engineering at Hacettepe University. Before coming to Hacettepe University, I was a postdoctoral researcher at Işık University working with Türker Bıyıkoğlu and a postdoctoral research associate at Iowa State University working with Maria Axenovich. I completed my PhD in 2010 at the University of Illinois under the supervision of Zoltán Füredi.
My main research interests are applications of combinatorics and graph theory. Here is my CV in English and in Turkish.

Contact Information

Lale Özkahya
Hacettepe University
Department of Computer Engineering
Beytepe, Ankara TURKEY 06800
telephone: (+90) 312 780 75 51
fax:(+90) 312 297 75 02

email: last name at cs dot hacettepe dot edu dot tr