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Completed PhD Theses

    Electric Fish Optimization: A New Metaheuristic Algorithm Based on Electrolocation
    Selim Yilmaz
    Submitted in January, 2020  

    Evolutionary Dynamic Optimization for Dynamic Trust Management in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
    Mehmet Aslan
    Submitted in July, 2023  

Completed MSc Theses

    Multi-Objective Approach for Intrusion Detection in RPL-Based Internet of Things
    Ali Deveci (supervised with Dr. Selim Yilmaz)
    Submitted in January, 2023  

    A Static Analysis-Based Approach for Detecting Android Update Attacks
    Zhaoyi Li (University of Sheffield, UK)
    Submitted in September, 2022  

    Analysis of Android Third-Party Libraries with Security Perspective
    Chuntao Wu (University of Sheffield, UK)
    Submitted in September, 2022  

    Analysis and Detection of Routing Attacks on Flying Ad Hoc Networks
    Ozlem Ceviz (Sivas University of Science and Technology)
    Submitted in February, 2022  

    Android Malware Family Classification by Using Hybrid Analysis
    O.F. Turan Cavli
    Submitted in July, 2021  

    Artificial Intelligence Based Flexible Preamble Allocation for Radio Access Network Slicing in 5G Networks
    A. Melih Gedikli (supervised with Dr. Mehmet Koseoglu)
    Submitted in June, 2021  

    A Cross-layer Intrusion Detection System for RPL-based Internet of Things
    Erdem Canbalaban
    Submitted in June, 2020  

    An RNN-Based Approach For Discovering Inconsistencies Between Permissions and Metadata in Android Applications
    Muhammet Kabukcu (supervised with Dr. Burcu Can)
    Submitted in September, 2019  

    A Statistical-Based Intrusion Detection Method for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
    Fehime Can
    Submitted in November, 2018  

    An Efficient Evolutionary Based Fuzzing for Android Application Installation Process
    Veysel Hatas
    Submitted in September, 2018  

    Analysis of Attacks in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
    Omer Mintemur
    Submitted in April, 2016  

    A New Metric for Adaptive Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
    Rahem Abri
    Submitted in December, 2014  

    Automatic Generation of Mobile Malwares Using Genetic Programming
    Emre Aydogan
    Submitted in August, 2014  

    Trust Managemet in Peer-to-Peer Networks Using Genetic Programming
    U. Eray Tahta (supervised with Dr. A. Burak Can)
    Submitted in January, 2014  

Current MSc Students

    Esra Hotoglu

Current PhD Students

    Emre Aydogan
    Erhan Turan
    Cansu Dogan
    Özlem Ceviz
    Merve Cigdem Ipek
    Emre Gungor
    Elif Uysal
    Serhat Turkmen
    Ali Deveci
    Pinar Sadioglu