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BBM 463 - Information Security

Fall 2020

Instructor: Ahmet Burak Can
Class Time: Wednesday, 9:30-12:15
Room: Computer Engineering Building, Online


  • Network Security: Private Communication in a Public World,
    2nd Edition. C. Kaufman, R. Perlman, and M. Speciner, Prentice-Hall
  • Security in Computing, C. P. Pfleeger and S. L. Pfleeger, Prentice Hall

Supplementary books

  • Applied Cryptography: Protocols, Algorithms, and Source Code in C, B. Schneier, John Wiley & Sons.
  • Handbook of Applied Cryptography. A. Menezes, P. van Oorschot and S. Vanstone. CRC Press
  • Security Engineering: A Guide to Building Dependable Distributed Systems, Ross J. Anderson, John Wiley & Sons


  • Midterm exam - 35% (25/11/2020)
  • Final exam - 50%
  • Quizzes - 15%


  • All class communication will be done via Piazza BBM463 communication group. Please register to this group on
  • For the laboratory class of this course, please register to Piazza BBM465 communication group

Syllabus Resources
1x1     4x1
Basic ciphers    
1x1     4x1
Wikipedia: Steganography
Another Page on Steganography
Wikipedia: Basic Ciphers
Wikipedia: Substitution Ciphers
Wikipedia: Enigma Machine
A Nice Page on Some Basic Ciphers
Another Page on Some Basic Ciphers
A YouTube video on Enigma
Block ciphers, Encryption modes and Stream ciphers    
1x1     4x1
Wikipedia: Block Ciphers
Wikipedia: Feistel Networks
Wikipedia: Data Encryption Standard (DES)
Wikipedia: Block Cipher Modes of Operation
Hash functions, message digests, HMAC    
1x1     4x1
Wikipedia: Hash Functions
Wikipedia: Message Authentication Codes
Number Theory, Public Key Cryptography, RSA    
1x1     4x1
Wikipedia: RSA
Digital signatures, Public key certificates, X509    
1x1     4x1
Wikipedia: Digital Signatures
Wikipedia: Digital Certificates
Wikipedia: Certificate Authority
Wikipedia: Public Key Infrastructure
Network Security    
1x1     4x1
A Tutorial on Firewalls
A Tutorial on IDS/IPS
A Video Seminar on SIEM
Auhentication: Two-Three factor authentication, Biometrics, Smart Cards    
1x1     4x1
Wikipedia: Fingerprint Recognition
Wikipedia: Iris Recognition
Wikipedia: Various Types of Card Readers
Wikipedia: Smart cards
Wikipedia: One Time Password Protocols
Security Handshake    
1x1     4x1
1x1     4x1
Kerberos Tutorial
Real-time Communication Security, SSL/TLS, IPSEC    
1x1     4x1
A Video Seminar on SSL
A Video Seminar on IPSEC
Secret Sharing (Threshold) Schemes    
1x1     4x1
Wikipedia: Shamir's Secret Sharing System
Operating System Security    
1x1     4x1
Windows Access Control Lists
Another Page on Windows Access Control Lists
UNIX File Permissions
Wikipedia: UNIX setuid Bits
Wikipedia: UNIX chmod command
Another Page on Linux File Permissions
Malicious Software   
1x1     4x1
Wikipedia: Malware types
Wikipedia: Compute Viruses
Wikipedia: Rootkits
Wikipedia: Ransomware
Wikipedia: Internet Worms
Various Malware Examples:
Morris Worm   Code Red Worm   Carna Botnet  


I thank to Prof. Cristina Nita-Rotaru at Noartheastern University, Prof. Ninghui Li at Purdue University and Prof. Ali Aydın Selçuk at TOBB ETU who shared their course slides with me. Slides of this course are mostly adapted from their slides.