Course Project

An integral part of the course is the class project (30% of the grade), which gives students a chance to apply the algorithms discussed in class to a research oriented project.

Please also keep in mind that complexity of your project topic will be taken into consideration while grading.


In preparing your progress and final project reports, you should use the provided LaTeX template and submit them electronically in PDF format. Late submissions will be penalized.

Collaboration Policy

Each project should be done in pairs. Of course, there may be some exceptions, depending on the enrollment. Note that students without a team will be randomly assigned to one project group.


Project Proposal

Each project group should submit a half page project proposal on their specific project idea by Mar 25, 2024. The proposal should provide

Meetings with TAs, and github commits

Each project group should regularly meet with the TA to discuss their progress and get feedback. Each group should maintain a GitHub repository for their project (must be viewable to the TAs and instructor). The frequency of your commits to GitHub will also be graded.

Progress Report

Due: Apr 29, 2024 (11:59pm)

Each project group should submit a project progress report by Apr 29, 2024. The report should be 4 pages and should describe the following points as clearly as possible:

Project Presentations

Due: May 20, 2024 (in class)

Each project group will have ~10 mins to present their work in class. The suggested outline for the presentations are as follows:

In addition to classroom presentations, each group should also prepare an engaging video presentation of their work using online tools such as PowToon, moovly or GoAnimate. The deadline is May 26, 2024.

Final Report

Due: May 26, 2024 (11:59pm)

As the last deliverable of the course project, each group is expected to submit a project report prepared using the style files provided in the course web page. The report should be 8 pages and should be structured as a research paper. It will be graded based on clarity of presentation and technical content. A typical organization of a report might follow: