BIL 741, 2010-2011 Spring

Advanced Analysis of Algorithms I 

Lectures: Wednesday 13:00-15:45 @D5

Instructor: Erkut Erdem

Office: 114

Office Hours: Mon 09:00-10:30


Course Description:

Complexity of algorithms. Recurrence relations. Solving recurrences. Analysis of selected sorting and graph algorithms. Major algorithm design paradigms. Divide and conquer. Greedy approach. Dynamic programming. Backtracking. Branch and bound. NP-complete and NP-hard problems. Selected advanced algorithmic problems. 


Tentative Outline

Assignments Policy

There will be written and programming assignments, which have to be done individually. Completing these assignments is a key to be successful in this course.

Grading Policy

Assignments 30%, Midterm 30%, Final %40



Homework Assignments

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