Sevil Şen

Department of Computer Engineering
Hacettepe University
Ankara, TURKEY
Office: 113
Tel.: +90 (0) 312 2977500


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About Me

I am a computer scientist in the Department of Computer Engineering at the Hacettepe University. I am the head of the WISE lab. I have joined Hacettepe University as a lecturer in October 2010 after I obtained my PhD in the Department of Computer Science at the University of York, UK. I was appointed Associate Professor of Computer Science in 2015. During this time, I also had visits as a researcher to Eurecom Institute, France (2011) and University of York, UK (2016).


My research focuses on developing intelligent secure systems. I am particularly interested in malware analysis, anomaly and intrusion detection, and trust management. I do also work on wireless networks and IoT. I am particularly interested in routing and security of such networks. My research interests also include nature inspired algorithms and evolutionary computation. Over the last few years I have worked in the applications of artificial intelligence based approaches to hard problems in networking and security.


Latest News

March 2022 :
5G ve Ötesi Burs Programı Hakkında

October 2018 :
Invited talk at Mid Sweden University
about Our Research Visit.

September 2018 :
New Joint Project with Mid Sweden University
Detecting Intrusions in Industrial Internet of Things.

August 2018 :
New TUBITAK-1001 Project
Discovering Security Risks of Android Apps using Metadata.

April 2018 :
"Coevolution of Mobile Malware and Anti-Malware" is online.

October 2017 :
"SAFEDroid: Using Structural Features for Detecting Android Malwares" presented at SecureComm 2017.

September 2017 :
"Attack Analysis in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks" presented at WiMoA 2017.

April 2015 :
TUBITAK TUBITAK-1003 Project Link