Sevil Şen

Department of Computer Engineering
Hacettepe University
06800 Ankara, TURKEY
Office: 113
Phone: +90 (0) 312 2977500


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About Me

I am currently a faculty member at the Department of Computer Engineering, Hacettepe University and the head of the WISE Lab. My journey in academia started when I completed my PhD in the Department of Computer Science at the University of York, UK, after which I joined Hacettepe University as a lecturer in October 2010. I was appointed Associate Professor of Computer Science in 2015, followed by my promotion to Full Professor of Computer Science in 2022. Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to conduct research visits to prestigious institutions, including Eurecom Institute in France in 2011 and the University of York, UK in 2016. Currently, I am pursuing my studies as a research visitor at the Cyber Security and Privacy Research Group at York. For more, please see my CV.


My research interests are centered around the development of intelligent secure systems. In particular, I am highly engaged in researching intrusion detection, trust management and malware analysis. My work also extends to wireless networks and IoT, where I concentrate on enhancing routing protocols and strengthening the security of these networks. Furthermore, I am interested in nature-inspired algorithms and evolutionary computation, and their application to solve hard problems in networking and security. Throughout the years, I have been actively investigating the implementation of artificial intelligence-based approaches to tackle challenging problems in the fields of networking and security.

Latest News

July 2023 :
Invited talk at CBIoT 2023, London

March 2022 :
5G ve Ötesi Burs Programı Hakkında

October 2018 :
Invited talk at Mid Sweden University
about Our Research Visit.

September 2018 :
New Joint Project with Mid Sweden University
Detecting Intrusions in Industrial Internet of Things.

August 2018 :
New TUBITAK-1001 Project
Discovering Security Risks of Android Apps using Metadata.

April 2018 :
"Coevolution of Mobile Malware and Anti-Malware" is online.

October 2017 :
"SAFEDroid: Using Structural Features for Detecting Android Malwares" presented at SecureComm 2017.

September 2017 :
"Attack Analysis in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks" presented at WiMoA 2017.