I: Students who can register to BBM419

a. The course can be taken by the students enrolled in his/her 7th-semester. The advisor of the student is authorized to give or not to give this course. If the advisor sees that the course needs to be deleted over the student, he/she will do this and the student will be notified by e-mail. No further information is need to be given.
b. The course will be opened as a section to every faculty member. Students will get verbal permission from the faculty member, who is Project Supervisor, before enrolling in the course. Otherwise, the faculty member may reject the project team.

II: Selection of Project Subject

a. Project subjects are announced before the course registration over a web page, and students select the projects before and during the registration week and set up their Teams. The projects page lists both open projects and projects already assigned to a team. A project selected by a team cannot be selected by another team. You should only approach a project supervisor if the project is not yet assigned to a team.
b. Students can also choose a project that does not appear in the list, in which case the Project Supervisor is expected to accept it and register the project on the project submission page. F3 grades are given to the students who are not registered in BBM419 until the end of the add-drop period. The projects page is updated daily during registration and add-drop periods.
c. The BBM419 course on the students who are not identified by the BBM419 Coordinator will be deleted.

III: Project Teams

Each project team should consist of 2 or 3 students. Teamwork is essential in the projects. For this reason, students in a team prepare a project proposal describing their role in the project until the deadline stated in the Syllabus, and submit it to their Project Supervisor at that time. A template for the Project Proposal Form can be found at the end of this page.

IV: Monitoring of Projects

a. Students perform their studies following the end of the add-drop period and submit an Progress Report to the BBM419 Coordinator and Project Supervisor at the specified date on Syllabus.
b. A template for the Progress Report can be found at the end of the page. The reports are prepared by all team members and as detailed as each team member can be assessed for his/her duties.
c. The project supervisor determines a multiplier between 0 and 1 for each student. This multiplier represents the relative success of the student for the final project presentation.
d. The Project Proposal and the Progress Report affect the course grade by 45% and the Project Final Report affects the grade by 55%.

V: Progress Report and Final Report of the Projects

a. Progress Report of the projects is considered as a development report. For each of the students in a project team, a separate activity report is given and the overall situation of the project is examined.
b. Teams who have not delivered any Progress Report are forbidden to hold their final presentations. All of the students in the team are given F3 grade.
c. The Project Final Report includes the sections of: introduction, related work, contributions to literature and industry, methodology, technical design and configuration, product implementation, validation and results, innovative aspects, and references.
d. Each team is responsible for preparing a 90 seconds promotion video of their project along with their Final Report. This video will then be uploaded to a video streaming website, such as Youtube, and the video URL will be reported within the Final Project report. The students are responsible for keeping their URLs working. If the video URL stops working for any reason, the project team is responsible for notifying the BBM419 coordinator as soon as possible. Failure to do so may result in significant grade loss. d. The Project Proposal Form, the Progress Report, and the Project Final Report are prepared in a computer-based environment. They should be delivered in an electronic format (as *.pdf files). The Project Proposal and the Progress Reports will be delivered to the project supervisor, only. The Final Project Report is to be submitted to the BBM419 coordinator as well as the project supervisor. The BBM419 Coordinator and the Project Supervisor confirm that they have received the reports within 3 calendar days.
e. In the case of delays due to BBM419 Coordinator and/or Project Supervisor, an additional period of maximum 2 days is allowed for students to deliver the report.

VI: Presentation and Evaluation of Projects

a. Each project is evaluated by a jury consisting of the Project Supervisor, Project Assistant, and a faculty member appointed by the BBM419 Coordinator. The BBM419 Coordinator may participate in any presentation, and may also assign herself/himself as the third member of the jury. The grade determined by the jury (over 100) is multiplied by the relative success factor determined as described in the article IV (e) in order to obtain the final grade of the student.
b. Each student makes his own presentation and tells how he/she contributed to teamwork as well as the technical aspects that he/she is responsible.
c. Team members can determine the order of their presentations themselves.
d. The presentation is made according to institutional identity standards.
e. A student's presentation cannot exceed 15 minutes. Following the presentation, a 5-minute question-and-answer section is applied.
f. Presentations are open to everyone.

VII: Rating of Projects

a. At the end of the presentation, the student's grade is determined and the Project Assistant has the right to comment. These grades are notified to BBM419 Coordinator by making a list for each student. The listings are made by the Project Assistant appointed by the Project Coordinator.
b. The list is prepared in the Excel environment; and the first column is prepared to contain the student number, the second column the name and the surname of the student, and the third column project grade as an integer.
c. The BBM419 Coordinator specifies the letter grades of the course on the first working day after the final period and presents it to the academic board.

VIII: Dismissal of one or several students from the team

a. Transfer of one or more students between teams is possible, but these transfers must be completed by the last day of the add-drop period and the BBM419 Coordinator must be informed.
b. One or more students cannot leave their team and form a new one.

IX: Intellectual Property Rights

All kinds of intellectual property issues related to projects are subject to the Law No. 5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works.

X: Report Templates

Annex-A.Project Proposal Form
Annex-B.Project Progress Report
Annex-C.Project Final Report

XI: Schedule

  • October 7 - October 16 : Project teams formed. Project submissions are made to the projects page.
  • October 17 - October 18: Students are assigned to their project supervisor's section.
  • November 1: Last day of Project Proposal reports to be submitted by the teams to their Project Supervisor.
  • December 13: Last day of Project Progress reports to be submitted by the teams to their Project Supervisor.
  • January 10: Last day of Final Project reports to be submitted by the teams to their Project Supervisor and the BBM419 coordinator.
  • January 20 - January 31: Project Presentations.

Note. BBM419 Project Forms are designed to be conformant to the forms of academic founding forms of TUBITAK.