nazli ikizler-cinbis

I am an associate professor of computer science at Computer Engineering Department of Hacettepe University in Ankara, Turkey. I received my BSc, MS and PhD degrees from Bilkent University Computer Engineering Department. Before joining here, I was a post-doctoral researcher in Boston University Computer Science Department, working with Prof. Stan Sclaroff and was a member of Image and Video Computing Group . Between Feb 2005 to June 2006, I was a visiting scholar in UIUC working with Prof. David Forsyth in Computer Vision Group .

My primary area of research is computer vision, machine learning (especially deep learning) and data mining. I am particularly interested in human action/activity understanding, zero-shot learning and image/video captioning.

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  • [April 2018] Our paper entitled "Histograms of sequences: a novel representation for human interaction recognition" has been accepted for publication in IET Computer Vision.
  • [July 2017] Our paper on unsupervised zero-shot learning has been accepted to International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV 2017).
  • [July 2017] I will serve as an Area Chair of CVPR 2018.
  • [Feb 2017] Our paper entitled "Space-Time Tree Ensemble for Action Recognition and Localization" has been accepted to International Journal on Computer Vision.
  • [Dec 2016] Project on "Recognition of Collective Activities via Deep Learning Techniques" has been accepted for funding by TUBITAK.
  • [Dec 2016] Our paper on "Low-level features for visual attribute recognition: An evaluation" has been published in Pattern Recognition Letters.
  • [July 2016] I will serve as an Associate Editor for IET Computer Vision journal.
  • [May 2016] Our BSc and MS students Unal, Citamak and Yagcioglu received the first place in Alper Atalay Best Student Paper Award in SIU 2016, with their paper entitled "TasvirEt: A Benchmark Dataset for Automatic Turkish Description Generation from Images".
  • [May 2016] Our MS student Berkan Demirel received the third place in Alper Atalay Best Student Paper Award in SIU 2016, with our paper entitled "Visual Saliency Estimation via Attribute Based Classifiers and Conditional Random Fields" .
  • [March 2016] Our paper on Human Interaction Recognition in Images has been published in Pattern Recognition Letters.
  • [Feb 2016] Our survey paper on automatic image description has been accepted to Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research.


Hacettepe University
Department of Computer Engineering
Beytepe Campus
Ankara, Turkey, 06800