MUH101 Introduction To Programming

MUH101 Introduction To Programming


Section Department Instructor Class Location Class Hours Office Location Office Hours
1 Env. Eng. Asst. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Selman BOZKIR Online Until Further Notice Wed 13:40 - 16:30 - To be announced
2 Civil Eng. Res. Asst. Dr. Selma Dilek Online Until Further Notice Wed 13:40 - 16:30 Comp. Eng. Z06 By appointment only

Platform for Course Announcements and Discussions

All course announcements and resources will be shared on Hacettepe University Digital Learning Platform (HADİ). All course discussions will be conducted on the same platform. You are expected to follow all class announcements and activities throughout the semester under the joint MÜH101_2223B - PROGRAMLAMAYA GİRİŞ-BİRLEŞTİRİLMİŞ ŞUBE course regardless of your section.

Online Lecture Links and Course Logistics

MUH101 Spring 2023 Course Logistics [PDF] (Section 1 Links have been updated)
Section 2 Lecture Recordings Playlist Link

Useful Resources

Course Schedule

Date Topic Lecture Slides (HTML) Lecture Slides (PDF)
01/03/2023 Welcome to MUH101 Lecture 1 [HTML] Lecture 1 [PDF]
08/03/2023 Branching and Iteration Lecture 2 [HTML] Lecture 2 [PDF]
15/03/2023 Iterations Lecture 3 [HTML] Lecture 3 [PDF]
22/03/2023 Functions and Scope Lecture 4 [HTML] Lecture 4 [PDF]
29/03/2023 Functions and Recursion Lecture 5 [HTML]
Lecture 5 [PDF]

05/04/2023 Midterm I Midterm I Solutions
12/04/2023 Tuples and Lists Lecture 6 [HTML] Lecture 6 [PDF]
19/04/2023 Dictionaries Lecture 7 [HTML] Lecture 7 [PDF]
26/04/2023 Testing and Debugging Lecture 8 [HTML] Lecture 8 [PDF]
03/05/2023 Exceptions and Assertions Lecture 9 [HTML] Lecture 9 [PDF]
10/05/2023 Midterm II Midterm II Solutions
17/05/2023 File IO Lecture 10 [HTML] Lecture 10 [PDF]
24/05/2023 Classes and Objects Lecture 11 Lecture 11 [PDF]
31/05/2023 Fundamental Algorithms Lecture 12 Lecture 12 [PDF]
07/06/2023 Final Exam Final Exam| Declaration of Honesty - - -